Saving data with Ajax in Yii

Posted Jan 01, 1970 12:00 AM

I've created an ajax action in my controller in order to save a specific data in my post. I dont need to render a view.

my jquery script is doing the following

$("#buttonExtend<?php echo $this->post_row;?>").click(function(e){
               type: "POST",
               url: "<?php echo Yii::app()->createUrl('post/extend', array('id' => $data['id'])); ?>",

and my action extend contains the following

protected function actionExtend($id)

        if(Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest) {

            $model->toDate = '10/10/2013';



when I checked the record in mysql, the to_date field is not filled.

even though the updated field, which is updated in my beforevalidate function in the model is updated.

Where is my mistake?

Thank you in avdance for your help

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